Pair of illegal immigrants in jail for selling fake IDs

Two illegal immigrants will spend the next six years in prison for making fake identification documents and selling them to people in the Miami Valley.

Beavercreek police say Eloy Martinez and Jesus Villasenor approached a Beavercreek resident in a parking lot and asked if they wanted to buy a group of fake IDs for less than $300.

The IDs would have the person’s real photo, but fake information. They could use it to do anything that required a photo ID — potentially for things such as travel or voting.

Beavercreek Capt. Eric Grile said investigators have not been able to determine what exactly the IDs were used to do.

Beavercreek police teamed up with the Greene County ACE Task Force and Hamilton police. During a search warrant in Hamilton, they confiscated 50 fake IDs and drugs.

“This was an organized group,” said Grile.

He said the two men are on a list to be deported upon release.

Martinez and Villasenor are convicted of money laundering and engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity. They are now serving six years in prison.

“It undermines everything we call democratic,” said Sojourn Jones. “Driving, voting. These things are a privilege, not a right.”

Police have contacted federal authorities to see if they want to get involved in the process. They’re still waiting to find out.