Oxford police respond to a ‘reverse’ burglary

In a kind of reverse burglary, a woman told police she had returned to her apartment after being away for four days to find an assortment of property inside which did not belong to her.

The report was made at 9:52 a.m. Dec. 5 when police responded to a report of a man sought on a warrant may be there.

Police met with the resident of the apartment who permitted them to search the apartment. No one was inside.

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The woman said she had left the apartment Nov. 30 and returned Dec. 3 and found numerous items inside including laptop computers, cellular phones, tools and drug paraphernalia that were not hers.

She named two people she had found in her apartment without her permission. She said all the doors and windows were locked when she left Nov. 30.

The items she found in the apartment had been taken to the boiler room of the complex.

The officers found three disassembled bicycles in the apartment which the resident said were not hers and she did not know how they got there. Also recovered was a package containing beige sweaters with a North College Avenue address.

Police took the bicycles and sweaters and placed in evidence.

No one was immediately charged pending further investigation.

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