Police: Intoxicated student puts sweatshirt on like a pair of pants

Police responded to the report of an unconscious male behind Brick Street bar just past midnight on Dec. 7. An officer found him him awake and moving around, but intoxicated and disoriented. He attempted to put his sweatshirt on his leg like a pair of pants.

The male, later identified as Jack Forschner, a 19-year-old Miami student, was unable to hold his balance and leaned against a telephone pole to stay upright. The officer told him several times he was putting his clothes on wrong and he replied, “Yes, sir. I got ya,” while continuing to put his leg through the sleeve of the sweatshirt.

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He was also unaware he was wearing just one shoe.

The officer asked for identification, and he held out the sweatshirt and said, “It’s right here.” He was asked if he had a wallet, and he again attempted to hand over the sweatshirt. His wallet was located in his right front pocket, which it contain two driver’s licenses — one for Ohio and one for Indiana.

Both licenses had his name and picture, but the Indiana license indicated he was 21 years old and determined to be fictitious.

The Ohio license showed him to be 19.

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His speech was slurred and his comments did not make sense, according to the police report. He was found to be wearing a bar wristband and was asked how many drinks he consumed. He replied two “trash cans.”

Medics arrived and took Forschner to McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital for evaluation. At the hospital, the officer wrote him summonses for offenses involving underage persons, prohibited acts and disorderly conduct.

As he attempted to talk with the officer, Forschner repeatedly called the male officer “ma’am.”

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