Middletown police looking for woman reportedly held against her will

Middletown police are looking for a woman who is missing and is possibly being held against her will.

Officers were called to the residence of Julie Kakaris’ father on Tuesday afternoon on a report that she was possibly being held against her will at an apartment complex.


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Paul Bilunka said he received messages from his daughter on Monday that two to three men were holding her in an apartment and forcing her to do drugs, according to the police report. She asked him to pick her up because she was scared, but in a later conversation she asked him not to do so.

Officers checked possible addresses given to him by Bilunka, but was unable to locate her.

Maj. Scott Reeve said today that Kakaris has not been located and police are taking the case seriously.

“We are concerned. She has a history of drug use that makes her vulnerable to something happening to her,” Reeve said.

Anyone with information about Kakaris is asked to call police at 513-425-7700.

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