Middletown man not indicted in July stabbing death


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A Middletown man charged in the stabbing death of 41-year-old Carlton Brock last month during a dispute on Arlington Avenue has been released from jail after a grand jury declined to indict him on a murder charge.

Kenneth Roesch, 36, was charged with murder for allegedly stabbing Brock after an altercation. His case was sent by Middletown Municipal Court Judge James Sherron for grand jury consideration after a preliminary hearing.

Today, the case was “no billed,” according to court records.

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Middletown Police Maj. Scott Reeve said Roesch claimed self-defense in the altercation, calling 911 within minutes saying he had to stab someone because he was being choked. He added one of the witnesses said Brock approached Roesch.

“But we had some problems with how quickly he (Roesch) resorted to deadly force in a fist fight … it was quick,” Reeve said.

Middletown Detective Kenneth Mynhier, a 20-year veteran, was the only witness who testified at the hearing in municipal court. He said police originally were told the stabbing occurred after Roesch and Brock got into an argument over fireworks. But after interviewing more witnesses, Mynhier said the alleged attack was “over theft.”

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Brock, who lived in a detached garage on Arlington, allegedly told Roesch to stay away from his property, then there was “an exchange of words,” Mynhier testified.

He also said Brock allegedly tried to punch Roesch, then Brock grabbed Roesch by the head. Roesch reached into his pocket, pulled out a black lock pocket knife and stabbed Brock five times in the upper torso and chest, the detective testified.

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