Middletown father sentenced for following females, exposing himself

A Middletown man was sentenced to jail on Tuesday after pleading guilty to two counts of misdemeanor public indecency for separate incidents in January.

David M. Smith, 33, of the 3800 block of Jewell Avenue, told Middletown Municipal Court Judge James Sherron, “I am truly sorry … I am embarrassed. I have embarrassed my family.”

He was charged after Middletown police said Smith had been following females in his car and exposing himself.

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Defense attorney Steve Kilburn told the judge that Smith is a married father of two young children and has entered treatment.

“He was cooperative with the investigation,” Kilburn said. “He has taken this seriously. He has taken steps to make sure this never happens again.”

Sherron told Smith he had to consider the safety of the community when handing down his sentence. The judge sentenced Smith to 180 days in jail on the first charge and a suspended 60 days in jail on the second. Smith was handcuffed and taken downstairs to begin serving his sentence.

On Jan. 6, a female mail carrier reported a heavyset man in an orange car was sitting in the car masturbating as she delivered mail on Barnitz Street.

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In a Jan. 16 report, a parent reported his daughter got off the school bus on Malvern Street and a man in an orange vehicle followed her. When the car passed her and began to turn around, the girl said she took off running.

A parent also reported on Jan. 18 that a suspicious man followed her home down Henry Avenue and made her feel uncomfortable, according to the police report.

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