Middletown cops in one-piece shirt/shorts? Look at your calendar

The Middletown Division of Police put out a press release regarding the officers' new summer uniforms and how Chief Rodney Muterspaw is allowing them to be worn early.

“FINALLY! We’ve hounded the Chief long enough and he finally gave in and is letting us wear our Summer uniforms early,” the post read. “We are super excited as it only means that Summer is just around the corner. For those of you that aren’t aware, our new summer uniforms consist of a short/shirt one piece. Very flexible material, non restricting and much more lighter than our old summer uniforms. The ability for our officers to be able to move quickly and swiftly is of utmost importance. You should start seeing them this week with warmer weather approaching.”

If the accompanying photos aren’t a big enough clue, this first day of April should be.




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