Man who streamed struggle with Springboro police now seeks treatment

The former Springboro man who struggled with local police while streaming live on Facebook is seeking treatment in lieu of conviction on charges of obstructing official business and failure to comply with two officers who took him into custody.

Samuel P. Ronan’s lawyer filed the motion on Wednesday in Warren County Common Pleas Court.

Ronan, 28, is also seeking relief from reporting conditions ordered for his personal recognizance bond.

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A police report indicates the June 9 incident began after a patrolman observed a “road rage incident between two vehicles.” It also indicates dispatch advised the patrolman that Ronan had a “concealed weapon license” and that Ronan began recording with his cellphone as he exited his car also carrying “a medium-size blue bag in his left hand.”

He was arrested in June by two Springboro police officers while streaming the incident live on his Facebook page. The live stream showed Ronan yelling at police officers, demanding to know why he is under arrest. Ronan claimed the officers were arresting him without cause and “assault with excessive force.”

He was indicted on July 16.

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Ronan has run for several offices, including Democratic National Committee chairman in 2017, when he gained attention in appearances on CNN.

Locally, Ronan ran against Congressman Steve Chabot in the May Republican primary in the 1st District, which includes Warren and Hamilton counties, and two years ago as a Democrat, he contested the election of state Rep. Scott Lipps.

On Wednesday, before defense lawyer James Calhoun met with Judge Robert Peeler, he filed for a modification of the terms of Ronan’s personal recognizance bond, based on Ronan’s move from Springboro “to his family’s residence that is two hours away” in Lancaster, according to the motion.

After the hearing, Calhoun filed a motion for treatment in lieu of conviction. If approved, Ronan could avoid a criminal conviction.

“Defendant’s mental illness was a factor leading to his arrest, and rehabilitation through treatment will substantially reduce the likelihood of additional criminal activity,” Calhoun wrote in the motion.

The motion urges Peeler to put Ronan in a treatment facility.

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Ronan, also a member of the U.S. Army Reserves, lost his previous job because of the case and is commuting two hours to a job as a technical writer with Air Force Primary Standards in Heath, according to the motion. To maintain his security clearance, he has passed drug screens and complied with “extensive background checks,” Calhoun said in the motion on the conditions of his bond.

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“Mr. Ronan will continue to comply with any orders that this Court deems necessary and is very grateful for the ability to fight his case outside of the Warren County Jail, but he is fearful that the requirements of Pretrial Services puts him in a difficult position with his new employer. Furthermore he is nervous that with a two-hour drive that he is in a difficult position to comply,” Calhoun wrote in the motion.

Peeler said he is considering whether to ease the conditions of Ronan’s bond.

A hearing on the treatment in lieu of conviction motion is set for Nov. 15.

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