Man convicted in double murder given death sentence

HAMILTON — Convicted killer Calvin McKelton was sentenced to death Tuesday morning for the execution-style shooting of a witness who saw him strangle the life out of his girlfriend and Fairfield attorney Margaret “Missy” Allen.

Butler County Common Pleas Judge Michael Sage also sentenced the 33-year-old Cincinnati man to 15 years to life in prison for Allen’s murder and an additional 14 years for a string of other felony charges related to dumping her body and trying to cover up evidence in her home.

McKelton showed no emotion when the judge imposed the death penalty that a jury recommend, but maintained his innocence during a brief statement before the sentence.

“I would like to say, I am innocent of these charges, I was wrongfully indicted, wrongfully convicted... but I believe the same system that failed me will be the same system that sets me free,” McKelton said, adding he will appeal.

Last month, McKelton was convicted of killing Allen in July 2008 and for the February 2009 shooting death of Germaine Evans Sr. in a Cincinnati park. Evans’ murder carried the possibility of a death penalty because he was killed so that he could not implicate McKelton in Allen’s death, which is an aggravating factor, according to Ohio law.

Following the sentence, Sheridan Evans, Germaine’s mother, stepped to the podium and looked directly at McKelton, who was shackled and handcuffed.

“There is a man upstairs, his name is Jesus and what you need to do is pray,” she said, pointing upward. Evans told the judge she does not believe in the death penalty, but wants to be assured McKelton remains behind bars.

Germaine Evans’ young son and namesake told the judge he didn’t care what sentence McKelton received, as long as stays in prison.

“I just love my dad. I miss my dad,” the boy told the judge.

Others were very clear about what punishment McKelton should receive

“He is a menace to society, and I don’t think he should be on this earth anymore,” said Lamont Harris, Allen’s stepfather.

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