Man arrested for allegedly damaging Hamilton business, fighting officers, exposing himself

Zachary Crary
Zachary Crary

A Cincinnati man was arrested late Tuesday after allegedly damaging a Lindenwald business, fighting with officers and exposing himself.

Hamilton police were called AJ’s Market in the 2600 block of Benninghofen Avenue at about 10:45 p.m. after a man allegedly began swinging a baseball bat and causing damage to the store.

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Ahmad Aibaddawi told officers the man entered the store demanding water multiple times, then picked up a baseball bat and swung it around. He struck the front door, multiple windows and the cash register, Aibaddawi told police.

When officers arrived, the man was told to place his hands behind his back, but he pulled away multiple times from the officer, according to the report.

While at the front door, the man exposed himself to multiple bystanders outside, the report says.

After officers wrestled the man to the ground, he was placed in a cruiser, where he spat multiple times.

“Multiple bystanders called (dispatch) about the (man) stating that he was high on narcotics and acting crazy,” the officers wrote in the report. “Bystanders stated that he was seeing aliens.”

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Zachary Crary, 31, was charged with felony robbery and vandalism as well as public indecency, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. He is housed in the Butler County Jail.

Several store windows had to be boarded up, and the cash register will have to be replaced in the business.