Hamilton drive-thru robbery suspect: ‘You’ve got 30 seconds to give me the money’

A man robbed a Hamilton business Monday afternoon, pulling a gun on the owner.

Shortly after 2 p.m., the suspect wearing a hood and a partial mask walked into Shorty’s Drive-Thru on Laurel Avenue in Lindenwald and demanded money, said store owner Steve Pfirrman.

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“He didn’t threaten me or anything, just said you’ve got 30 seconds to give me the money,” Pfirrman said.

According to the police report, $385 was stolen.

The man didn’t take anything other than the cash and ran out the back door, according to Pfirrman.

Pfirrman said he was surprised at the man’s exit route because of traffic “coming in all the time” to the drive-thru.

“I am surprised he didn’t get clipped or caught up in some cars,” he said.

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A photo of the suspect taken from the drive-thru’s security tape is posted on the store’s Facebook page.

Anyone with information about about the suspect’s identity can call Hamilton Police at 513-868-5811.

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