Execution date stayed for West Chester Twp. man

The Ohio Supreme Court has stayed the execution of a former West Chester Twp. man who was convicted in 2009 for the murdering his girlfriend’s boss to cover up the woman’s alleged theft.

Gregory Osie, 53, was scheduled to die on June 15, 2016, but today the state’s highest court granted this motion to stay that date until all state appeals are exhausted.

Osie was convicted by a three-judge panel in April 2010 of aggravated murder, aggravated robbery and tampering with evidence. He was sentenced to death for the killing of David Williams at his Liberty Twp. home.

In July the supreme court upheld that conviction.

Osie’s girlfriend was employed at Williams’ company and Williams suspected she had stolen $18,000 from the company, according to court documents.

According to trial evidence, Osie killed Williams to protect his girlfriend from possible theft charges. He then took items from Williams’ Yankee Road residence to make the slaying look like a botched burglary.

Williams, who was disabled and suffered from debilitating tremors, was stabbed, punched and stomped 23 times, according to evidence presented at trial.

Osie’s attorneys had argued his rights were violated by 19 errors during trial, including: the admission of hearsay statements from Williams’ business partner; Osie was not given the chance to make a statement during sentencing; and the prosecution failed to show he purposely killed Williams, thus the murder charge should not have been elevated to the possibility of a death sentence.

In October, Butler County Common Pleas Judge Michael Sage denied Osie’s motion filed with the trial court for new trial or sentencing hearing. In that post conviction relief motion, Osie’s appellate attorney argued his trial counsel were ineffective for failing to present expert psychological evidence concerning his neurological impairment and for failing to investigate and present mitigating evidence regarding his character, history and extensive history of substance abuse.

The post-conviction relief motion has been appeal to the 12th District Court of Appeals.

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