Coroner: Multiple gunshot wounds killed Fairfield woman, 23, in October homicide

A woman killed in October at her Fairfield residence died of multiple gunshot wounds and suffered other injuries, including ligature marks on her neck, according to the Butler County Coroner’s Office report.

Katherine Lobono, 23, was discovered dead lying on the floor of her apartment at the Villages of Wildwood off Ross Road in Fairfield by friends who were dog-sitting, according to a 911 call. Her death, which has been ruled a homicide, happened at about 11:30 a.m. on Oct. 2, according to the autopsy report obtained by the Journal-News.

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Lobono suffered three gunshot wounds, including one to the chest, one to the right flank and one to the left back. A bullet and bullet jackets were recovered from the body. One bullet exited the body.

A seven-inch ligature mark was found on Lobono’s neck during the autopsy.

“A horizontal cervical ligature mark measures 7 inches in length and extends from the right side of the neck across the midline towards the left side of the neck,” Forensic Pathologist Dr. Russell Uptegrove wrote in the autopsy report.

Lobono had a “possible bite mark” on her right forearm and multiple contusions and abrasions on her right knee, according to Uptegrove.

Blood and a shell casing were found at the scene, according to the 911 call.

Shortly after the homicide, Fairfield Officer Doug Day said there wereno arrests, but there was no danger to the community. On Wednesday, Day said the department had no comment on the ongoing investigation. After more than three months, there have been no arrests.

Butler County Prosecutor Michael Gmoser, who is aware of the ongoing investigation said, “when this case is fully developed, there will be plenty to say,” but he declined further comment.

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Search warrants were served in the case, then filed and sealed by court order, according to the Butler County Clerk of Courts Office in October.

Lobono had fun in everything she did in life and “loved unicorns and Jesus,” according to friends and family.

Emily Merkle worked with the woman known to friends as Kady, “like Cadillac,” for the past few years at Sports Clips in Harrison.

“She was super bubbly,” she said. “She had a very unique personality and relationship with the clients here.”

Lobono grew up on Cincinnati’s west side, first attending the all-girls Catholic high school Seton and then graduating in 2014 from Purcell Marian, a co-ed Catholic high school just west of Clifton.

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