Coroner: Bones found during search for missing Butler County woman not human

After four bones were found Saturday in a wooded area in Madison Twp., they were examined by a Butler County Coroner’s Office investigator who determined they were not human.

The process took two hours.

“The hardest two-hour wait of my life,” said Michelle Agee.

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Agee and about 20 family members and friends searched a wooded area in Butler County hoping to find her daughter, Brooklynn Short, who was last seen in May 2019. Agee said group searches are scheduled every other Saturday, and she looks for her daughter every day.

Short’s 34th birthday was Monday.

Agee, 51, said she hasn’t seen or heard from her daughter for more than a year. She also hasn’t been active on social media, which is rare because Short is “a social butterfly,” her mother said. She also hasn’t contacted her five children who range from 9 to 15, her mother said.

When the bones were found, the coroner’s office was called, and Agee said she had a panic attack, ran out of the woods and collapsed.

“I couldn’t make my eyes go to the ground,” she said. “I didn’t know if the bones belonged to an animal or my daughter.”

She was driven home, got her inhaler and returned to the wooded area with Middletown police detective Jon Hoover.

Agee said the last time she saw her daughter was at a Middletown food pantry, and she said she was living in a tent in someone’s yard.

Short is described as a white woman with brown hair and brown eye who stands 5 feet, 7 inches and weighs between 140 and 160 pounds. She has high cheekbones and a large dimple on her chin. She had blue hair at the time she was reported missing, police said.

Anyone who has seen Short or knows her whereabouts is urged to call Hoover at 513-425-7796 or the police department at 513-425-7700,

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