Carlisle man forced to try meth at knifepoint, he tells police

A Carlisle man told Middletown police that while he was in an apartment on Wilbraham Road he was forced to try methamphetamine at knife point, according to police reports.

Police responded to Atrium Medical Center Wednesday afternoon and found the 19-year-old “making what appeared to be uncontrollable movements of his extremities,” commonly seen with people who use methamphetamine, the report said.


He told police that while he was in the apartment, a male pulled out a syringe and asked if he wanted to try methamphetamine. He told the man he doesn’t “mess with drugs” because he’s an expecting father.

When he refused, the man pulled out a switchblade knife and put it to the side of the man’s torso, the report said. After using methamphetamine, the man immediately felt sick. He left the apartment, fell down the stairs and was picked up by a friend in the parking lot.

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