Car break-ins are up in particular area of Oxford

Credit: File photo

Credit: File photo

Three cars have been broken into in Oxford this month, all near the South Locust Street McDonald’s in rental properties.

Two break-ins occurred June 13 in the same parking lot. Both cars were left unlocked, and neither had its windows broken. The other break-in was reported on June 5. In addition to the reported break-ins, Lt. Lara Fening said the Oxford Police Department also got a phone call requesting extra patrol in the mobile home park off U.S. 27 after a resident saw someone enter a car.

“It’s a very typical scenario in Oxford where someone leaves their car unlocked,” Fening said. “There’s usually no damage. They leave their car unlocked, and then something from value is taken from it, and typically it’s overnight.”

Fening said it’s rare for windows to get smashed in car break-ins in Oxford. The best defense is to get in the habit of locking your car each night and making sure there aren’t any valuables left inside. Fening recommended setting a routine to check that your car is locked and your garage door is closed at a set time each night, especially in summer months when people are more likely to leave things open and unsecure.

With no suspects or video footage, catching the perpetrator can be difficult. OPD can search online for stolen items to pop up on Facebook Marketplace or online pawn shops, but with lower value items like CDs and tote bags, it’s hard to find a lead.

“There’s not a good way to track the minor things that have been taken this particular month,” Fening said. “Even if it was sunglasses, like designer sunglasses … those don’t necessarily have unique characteristics that you can say, ‘Oh, you’re putting that set of sunglasses online for sale, that means you stole it.’”

Victims of a car break-in or other crime can report it to OPD by calling the non-emergency number 513-523-4321 or by filing a report online. Thefts cannot be reported online if the stolen items include a firearm or motor vehicle, or if the value of the stolen property exceeds $1,000.

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