Butler County’s Two Men and a Truck under new ownership as more people move to the area

“It’s new to us, but not new for the public.”

Butler County’s Two Men and a Truck territory is under new management after being purchased by Michael Lally, founder of the Lally Group of the moving and storage company.

The Lally Group operates out of Cincinnati and owns 14 franchises in Ohio, Kentucky, Pennsylvania and Connecticut.

Previously, The Lally Group owned four territories under the Cincinnati franchise: Hamilton West, Hamilton East, Claremont and Warren Counties and Northern Kentucky.

The Butler County territory operated under Two Men and a Truck’s Cincinnati franchise but was under different management. Now, all the locations are under the same group.

“When the owners of (the Butler County) territory approached us and said that they might be interested in moving on to do some other things, we were happy to go ahead and absorb that into our group,” Rob Wallace, vice president of the Lally Group, said.

The Butler County territory covers Hamilton, Fairfield, Oxford, West Chester, Middletown and Monroe.

Although it is under different management, Wallace said operations will still take place at the same storefront in Hamilton.

“It’s new for us, but it’s not new for the public,” Wallace said.

Kayleen Prusinski is the area general manager of the Sharonville, Mason and Hamilton locations. Before the transition, Prusinski said her team was already familiar with the Butler County region because they occasionally helped out when the Hamilton office received an abundance of jobs. Now, the transition keeps them permanently in the area.

“For us here at the Lally Group, it just kind of expands us a little bit farther into that territory,” Prusinski said. “We already backed up to it to begin with, but it just kind of extends us a little bit further.”

Wallace said as the transition settles in, the Lally Group will be looking at expanding more into the region.

“In the next year, probably two at most ... we will want to get a pretty sizeable chunk of warehouse space in Butler County so we’ll be able to handle storage operations out of that facility,” he said.

Wallace said the Lally Group is excited to work more in Butler County because of its many business opportunities.

“There’s a lot of folks moving into the Butler County area and a lot of folks moving within the Butler County area as well,” Wallace said.

Prusinski agrees with Wallace and said about 35% of the jobs they cover in a month are for Butler County residents.

“A lot (of people) are staying (in Butler County) with all the new constructions and things like that,” Prusinski said. “They’re moving same ZIP code to same ZIP code, and because of all the construction, a lot of people are moving into that area also.”

Area residents looking to move can receive $50 off all packing supplies with a booked move or 20% off junk removal services. This offer is only valid at Two Men and a Truck locations in Cincinnati, Hamilton, Mason and Northern Kentucky.

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