Butler County United Way to serve new city in county

Official: United Way office to close in Middletown, leaders may be repositioned in organization.

Credit: Nick Graham

Credit: Nick Graham

The service for those in the Middletown area has been transferred from the United Way of Greater Cincinnati to the Butler County United Way, it was recently announced.

The Middletown area had been served by United Way of Greater Cincinnati for many years. However, the presence of multiple United Ways in Butler County contributed to duplicated efforts for many partner agencies, requiring them to apply for funding, provide reporting, and engage with multiple United Ways, said Krystal Tipton, president and CEO of Butler County United Way.

She said the agency has had a presence in the majority of Butler County for more than 100 years and it “just makes logical sense” to serve the county under one United Way.

Tipton said consolidating all Butler County service areas under one United Way will provide for a “more seamless” experience partner agencies and residents and companies who run workplace fundraising campaigns.

Terry Sherrer, executive director of the United Way of Greater Cincinnati-Middletown Area, and T.J. Geise, community and relationship associate, may transition into other positions, said Pamela R. Cottle, vice president of operations.

The Middletown office across from the Towne Mall Galleria will close, though Cottle said the United Way “will make our presence in other ways.”

Tipton added that those served in the Middletown area will see “more focus in that area to have a greater impact in Butler County.”

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