Butler County student charged after allegedly attacking another student

A Talawanda High School student, 15, was charged with assault for allegedly attacking another student before the start of the school day Sept. 28.

The School Resource Officer was called to the office on a report of a fight.

A juvenile student was there with her mother and sister. The juvenile was holding her head and was upset. The school nurse arrived and evaluated the student but the mother declined an ambulance. The victim said she had been assaulted by another student, who was identified to the officer. That student was then taken from class for interview.

The officer was told the two juveniles had exchanged some friendly name calling the day earlier and one took offense, starting an argument that continued into the evening, escalating into talk of a fight the following day. The victim said she had experienced harassment on the bus that morning and got nervous, calling her mother to take her home. Her mother was in the parking lot and witnessed the incident when the students got off the bus.

The victim said she was walking toward her mother’s car when the other student bumped her several times and struck her in the face several times. That escalated into hair-pulling and two fell to the ground, with the victim hitting her head on the sidewalk, according to her statement.

Teachers broke up the fight.

The officer’s report notes the statements made by the mother, the sister and staff members were similar.

The officer attempted to contact the foster mother of the offending juvenile but was unsuccessful and called the student’s case manager who arrived soon after to be present during questioning. The juvenile said the other girl had called her names and upset her. She claimed she had been pushed and “blacked out” and does not remember anything else until she was in class.

A video of the fight was posted online and another video was provided by another student. The victim was found to have a concussion and minor abrasions to the head.

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