Butler County sheriff’s communication system hacked, officials investigating

The Butler County Sheriff’s Office communication system was hacked about a week ago, and cybersecurity consultants are working to determine if information was compromised.

Chief Deputy Anthony Dwyer said emergency 911 operations have been maintained throughout the incident and the computer aided dispatch (CAD) system took the brunt of the impact. He said that system is back online.

“Everything worked well, we didn’t lose anything and now we had to take stuff offline and kind of rebuild and reinstall CAD and now we’re back up and running,” Dwyer told the Journal-News.

He said the malware got into the system, and officials have been checking everything to see if any sensitive information has been compromised.

“We don’t have any information that anything has been compromised yet,” Dwyer said. “It’s something that’s going to be ongoing, obviously we want to look at that over a longer period of time to see exactly what the problems were.”

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