Butler County loses 8 top officials: What’s really going on?

Butler County has lost eight top officials in less than two years.

Here’s what we know about the personnel changes:

Randy Quisenberry, Purchasing and Asset Director

The first county leader to leave was Purchasing and Asset Director Randy Quisenberry, who left in November 2016 for a job at the Council on Aging for Southwest Ohio.

Jerome Kearns, Assistant Job and Family Services Director

Former Assistant JFS Director Jerome Kearns died suddenly just before Christmas 2016.

Ray Pater, Job and Family Services Executive Director

Former JFS Executive Director Ray Pater resigned in February 2017 after a two-month leave of absence.

Ron Davis, Airport Manager

Ron Davis, who ran the airport, was fired in June.

Bob Leventry, Water and Sewer Director

Water and Sewer Director Bob Leventry retired in August.

Jim Davis, Human Resources Director

Former Human Resources Director Jim Davis, who said he wanted to use his teaching degree, resigned in August.

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Chuck Demidovich, Butler County Care Facility administrator

Chuck Demidovich, administrator at the Butler County Care Facility, retired in September.

Sue Vance, Water & Sewer Department Director

Sue Vance, acting Water & Sewer Department Director resigned in April 2018.

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