Resignation means new oversight at Butler County’s regional airport

The resignation of a county employee means Butler County’s regional airport will get new oversight.

David Fehr, executive director of the county’s development department, has been tasked with identifying potential development opportunities for the nearly 80 acres of unused land at Butler County Regional Airport/Hogan Field.

The role comes after the resignation last week of Randy Quisenberry, the county’s former purchasing and assets director.

“There is a pretty significant amount of acreage out there that the airport owns but isn’t utilizing,” Fehr said. “The commissioners are wanting to increase some of the revenues out at the airport.”

Fehr said he has been asked to look at all types of commercial development that could possibly find a home at the airport, located in Hamilton.

It makes sense for oversight of the airport to fall under the county’s development department, according to Commissioner T.C. Rogers.

“There’s been a couple development inquiries which he (Fehr) is involved with anyway,” Rogers said. “So, yes, it’s a good fit.”

Quisenberry’s final day with the county was Friday. He was airport Manager Ron Davis’ boss

Projects overseen by Quisenberry since being promoted to the job in 2014 included the restoration of the historic courthouse steps, the Soldiers, Sailors and Pioneer monument restoration, the Medal of Honor memorial wall in the government services building, and efforts to automate the county's parking garage and make the airport self sustainable.

During last months budget hearing, commissioners did not mince words and expressed frustration that no business plan had been developed to boost revenues at the airport.

“We’re not sitting here saying cut your budget, cut your budget, cut your budget,” Commissioner Don Dixon said during the October hearing. “We’re saying what can we do to increase usage of that facility. I haven’t heard anything, not one thing have I heard as a suggestion on how to do that. This is the second or third time we’ve been at this table and had this discussion.”

Young, Rogers and Dixon all said Quisenberry will be “sorely missed.”

“There was no problem with him as far as his job performance with the county, as far as anybody at the commissioners’ office is concerned,” Dixon said.

Quisenberry’s new job is with the Council on Aging for Southwest Ohio.

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