The recent ‘unprecedented’ 116-gun seizure is the latest big bust in Butler County. Here are others.

A two-year investigation into suspected drug dealing in Cincinnati led to the arrest of a West Chester Twp. man and the confiscation of an arsenal of firearms this month.

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It was the latest big bust by Butler County officials. Here are six recent examples of busts in the region:

February 2018: 116 guns of all shapes and sizes were seized

Cincinnati police, with assistance from the Butler County Sheriff’s Office B.U.R.N. Task Force, arrested Alexey Gibson, 30, on Feb. 1 in a Toyota Camry and found 10 guns, 100 grams of cocaine, five pounds of marijuana, digital scales and $30,000.

A search warrant was then served in the 8100 block of Autumn Lane, where 116 guns of all shapes and sizes were seized. Today during press conference, the guns, including revolvers, semi-automatic handguns, rifles and one silencer were displayed at the Butler County Sheriff’s Office.

January 2018: 6 charged in heroin trafficking ring in Butler County

Six Butler County residents were charged with conspiracy to possess and distribute more than 1,000 grams of heroin on Thursday, as five people are in custody and one remains at-large.

According to the affidavit filed in support of the criminal complaint, the six suspects were conspiring to operate a heroin-trafficking ring in the Cincinnati area from at least October 2017 until this week.

Federal DEA agents executed four search warrants on Wednesday as part of a heroin trafficking investigation in Butler County that resulted in five arrests, including two in Fairfield and two in Milford Twp.

Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones said of the investigation, “when we get one (a drug dealer) there’s someone always willing to take their place.”

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January 2018: Father and son accused in large weekend bust

A father and son were arrested last Saturday as two “persons deemed major players in drug trafficking,” according to Hamilton Police Chief Craig Bucheit.

Jose Alfredo Guel Sr., 51, and Jose Alfredo Guel Jr., 26, were each arrested on two charges of trafficking in drugs and two charges of possession of drugs. Jose Guel Jr. was arrested on two additional charges of having weapons while under disability.

The long-term investigation into the operation included Ohio’s Bureau of Criminal Investigation, Immigration Customs Enforcement, ATF and the Butler County Regional Narcotics Task Force, which includes multiple local law enforcement agencies.

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October 2017: Middletown police arrest well-known drug dealer

Middletown police arrested a well-known drug dealer in the city last October as part of an ongoing investigation into drug trafficking. Lt. Jamie Wilcox said the Middletown Special Investigations Unit, along with state patrol officers, arrested William “Pooh” Peters Jr. after executing a search warrant at 1018 Jackson Lane.

Wilcox said almost three ounces of heroin/fentanyl was located along with $6,200 in cash. A semi-automatic handgun was recovered as well. The seized drugs have a street value of about $5,000.

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September 2017: Police say major drug dealer arrested in 4-month investigation

Last September, a drug investigation involving multiple law enforcement agencies, including the Hamilton Police Department and the Butler County Sheriff’s Office, led to the arrest of “one of the biggest drug dealers in the area,” police said.

Johnathan Ingram, 55, of Hamilton was arrested after a search warrant in two locations resulted in the seizure of 1.3 kilograms of cocaine, five guns and nearly $20,000 in cash.

“1.3 kilos is a significant amount of drugs for us to get off the streets. It had a street value of well over $50,000,” Bucheit said.

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March 2017: 83 arrested in Middletown warrant sweep

Last March, more than 80 people were arrested in Middletown as part of a massive warrant sweep through the city.

Eighty-three people were arrested and 99 warrants were served on charges ranging from drugs to failure to appear in court, according to Middletown Police Chief Rodney Muterspaw.

The sweep — conducted by the city’s police department and the Butler County Sheriff’s Office with assistance from U.S Marshals — should show Middletown residents the department is “serious about cleaning the place up,” he said.

“We are really happy with the success of this warrant sweep,” Muterspaw said “Our goal was to serve as many as possible on those who have been evading court or jail, and we did just that.”

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