Abandoned Cincinnati church, renovated as home, put on market for $1.5M

CINCINNATI — What once was an abandoned church has been newly renovated and is now catching the eyes of buyers worldwide.

You may have driven past the site on Baymiller Street or you might have come across it on the Instagram page Zillow Gone Wild. But you have no idea how grand it is until you take a look inside.

“Pictures never do it justice,” current owner Abdiel Acevedo said.

Acevedo invited Journal-News content partner WCPO inside for a tour.

“I’m usually a pretty private person, but for this building, I knew that for the neighborhood and for the revitalization going on in the West End, I wanted to show it to other people,” Acevedo said.

It took two years of renovations, but Acevedo transformed what was a church for 160 years into a one-of-a-kind home.

“When you get in here this is kind of the wow factor,” he said.

His two-bedroom space has Rookwood tile lining the kitchen, with a giant stained glass window that puts Acevedo front row to magnificent sunrises. There are two other living spaces on the site — one that he rents out, and another that he lists on Airbnb. Now, the home could belong to someone else.

“I think the neighborhood is ready for a new energy and someone who can take this building to the next level,” he said.

What Acevedo lovingly dubbed “1835 Saints” is up for sale. And it could be yours for $1,499,900. Rick Finn, the listing agent, said he’s fielded several calls from buyers.

“I showed it to an agent from Chicago last Friday and we’ve had people just interested in churches,” Finn said. “I had a guy in Australia who owns church properties in the United States, looked at it a week or two ago.”

Acevedo hopes the next occupants at his property will add to the neighborhood, just like he did.

“I love the West End, I’ve been here for 10 years and I really think all it needs is a little bit of love and sweat equity,” said Acevedo.

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