22-year-old among those planning to run for Hamilton City Council

Danny Ivers, who in January picked up petitions to run for Hamilton City Council, was loading missiles onto a truck Friday in southeast Ohio but took time during lunch with the Ohio National Guard to explain why he plans to run.

“I just want to keep Hamilton on the same track we’ve been on,” Ivers said. “We need all these fresh minds and ideas and perspectives to really keep it going in a certain direction.”

Ivers also would focus on improving and maintaining city infrastructure and representing residents, he said.

If elected, Ivers, at 22, would be the youngest ever on Hamilton’s council. Rick Segal was 24 when elected, and served from 1982-1983. Ivers also ran two years ago.

He joined the Army National Guard in January 2020 and is a private first class. He operates an Avenger weapon system, a short-range air defense system, that sits on the back of a Humvee and protects troops on the ground from air attack.

The Miami University student does photography and also works for the Door Dash food delivery service.

“I’ve been doing that a lot here and there,” Ivers said about Door Dash. “Because I personally just like helping people, and in this time, people don’t even want to get out of their house a lot. And I understand. But me being able, and willing to.... If people order food or whatever, it just comes to my phone and I do it.”

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There’s nothing significant he would do differently than the current council has been doing, Ivers said. He was the first to take out petitions, on Jan. 4, and plans to file them in May, after Miami’s semester ends.

He took a business management class at Miami, and who turned out to be the instructor? City Manager Joshua Smith, who would be Ivers’ employee if he is elected in November. Smith recommended Ivers study public administration. He’s minoring in photography.

He was loading stinger missiles into the truck in McConnelsville, northeast of Athens, for an upcoming convoy exercise but said “those ones were just dummies.”

Someone who voted for him in 2019 asked if he would be able to perform his duties if elected.

“There are many elected officials who serve in the nation’s military, and continue with their duties as elected officials,” he said.

“I’ve made this clear, too,” he said. “There is always the chance of being called to duty and deployed, but as of now, I’m doing my time here (with the National Guard), back and forth. Still doing whatever I can for Hamilton.”

“This year has been crazy, with everything going on,” Ivers said, noting that among other things, his friend Paul Jewett, a beloved Hamilton RE/MAX real estate agent, died April 17 from COVID-19. Days later, his wife, Christina Jewett, gave birth to Paul’s fifth son.

“That was pretty upsetting,” Ivers said. “But I love seeing the community rallying around and helping people like that.”

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Ivers and two others created a gofundme online fundraiser that as of Friday had raised $64,800 for the family toward a $100,000 goal. He’s also helping Christina with a video for Paul’s memorial service.

So far, only incumbent Michael Ryan has filed petitions to run for council.

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