Teen seeks to become youngest to serve on Hamilton City Council

If Danny Ivers is elected to Hamilton City Council, he will be the youngest ever to serve.

“We need younger representation involved,” Ivers said, when asked why he decided to run. He will turn 20 on March 26.

Three of Hamilton’s seven council seats are up for election, the ones now held by council members Carla Fiehrer, Kathleen Klink and Matt Von Stein. Several people have pulled petitions to run, including Fiehrer, but Ivers was the first to turn his in, on Jan. 23, and have it certified. A four-year council position pays $300 annually.

Hamilton council candidates have until Aug. 7 to file petitions to run in the non-partisan November race.

Ivers now works at Henry’s Candy. He used to deliver pizzas for All8Up “until my Jeep broke down,” he said.

“I’m obviously am a big supporter of small business,” he said. “I’m friends with certain owners around here.”

The lifelong city resident and 2017 Hamilton High School graduate said he would bring “a new and fresh perspective because of my age.”

Ivers, who has attended many council meetings in recent years, said no particular issue motivated him to seek the office. He noted he has lived all over Hamilton and is pleased with the way the city is improving.

The youngest person ever to elected was Rick Segal, who was 24 and served from 1982-1983. Segal now is vice president of advancement and a lecturer at Bethlehem College and Seminary in Minneapolis.

Ivers is double-majoring in journalism and political science, and minoring in photography at Miami University’s Hamilton campus.

“I’m sure you might have seen some stuff on Facebook — some people say I’m too young, or I don’t have life experience,” he said.

One woman on Facebook said she doesn’t recommend Ivers because he’s “too young. No life experience, hasn’t finished college, or even had a real job.”

He replied: “I find it disheartening that you feel I ‘never worked a real job,’ as a job is a job. I work for a small business in Hamilton. You are correct that I am young. That’s why I’m running. We need young representation on City Council. People around my age are the future of our great city. Why wouldn’t you want the future of the city to be a part of the decision-making process for the future of the city?”

He added that he can help people his age “WANT to stay in Hamilton to live, work and play.”

Many people on Facebook expressed support for Ivers’ candidacy. One wrote: “Danny Ivers you are the perfect candidate for the job brother!”

Ivers ihas yet to release his platform because, “I’m just waiting to see what all the field looks like. Being the first and only one to be certified, I don’t want to release anything too soon.”

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