11.04.21 The Not O’K-economy’ Continues – Clark Smart Direction // Dealing with Debt Collection.

The K Economy: A significant portion of the population thrives, while many others struggle mightily. Meanwhile nearly 70% worry about their kids falling behind as education has also suffered during the pandemic. So what's the good news? Clark points to opportunity. // A LendingTree study of debt collection complaints reveals that most involve fraudulent or mistaken debt. There's also nonexistent or fake credit card debt. It's crucial to know and exercise your rights with debt collectors.
Ask Clark topics include: Turo: 5 Things To Know About the Cheap Car Rental Service – Should I Become a Turo Host With the Increased Demand Right Now? / Authorized User vs. Joint Account Holder: Understanding the Difference for Credit Cards / What Is Disability Insurance and Should I Buy It? \
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