Preble County man accused of hitting child with clothes hanger

A Preble County man is facing multiple child abuse charges after he reportedly hit a child with a clothes hanger.

Daniel Z. Arguijo, 24, of New Paris was charged with four counts of child endangering in Eaton Municipal Court. One of the counts is a first-degree misdemeanor and the remaining three are felonies.

On Friday, a woman was picking up her daughter up from her mother’s residence when she reportedly noticed another girl with bruises on her face. The woman took the child to her home to play with her daughter.

When asked about the bruises, the girl initially said she didn’t want to talk about it and she wasn’t allowed to talk about the bruises, according to court records. The child reportedly let the woman’s husband take photos of the bruises.

The girl later said Arguijo “whooped” her with a hanger on the legs because she drank his apple juice and ate his chocolate cake, an affidavit read. She also reportedly had bruises on her back, but didn’t say how she got them.

The woman also found bruises on the child’s arms when she rolled up the child’s sleeves, according to court records.

New Paris police received four photographs of the child. The photos showed “significant” bruises on her forehead, cheek, under her eye and on her back, according to court documents.

A judge set Arquijo’s bond at $25,000. He is held in the Preble County Jail.

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