Man accused of shooting Dayton police officer in head indicted

A Dayton man indicted Thursday is accused of shooting a Dayton police officer in the side of the head last week before the officer returned fire, striking him multiple times.

Antwyane Deon Lowe, 39, is scheduled to be arraigned Tuesday in Montgomery County Common Pleas Court for two counts of felonious assault on a police officer, each with seven-year and three-year firearm specifications; assault on a police officer; carrying concealed weapons; having weapons while under disability for a prior offense of violence; and possession of cocaine.

Credit: Montgomery County Jail

Credit: Montgomery County Jail

Lowe remains held on $1 million bond in the Montgomery County Jail, where he has been held since he was discharged last Friday afternoon from Miami Valley Hospital.

The officer, Thadeu Holloway, an eight-year veteran of the Dayton Police Department, was shot in the left side of his head around 7:30 p.m. Sept. 21 in the 600 block of Ingram Street. His left temporal artery was torn in the shooting, Dayton Police Interim Director and Chief Matt Carper said last week.

He was released Sept. 23 from Miami Valley Hospital.

Holloway returned fire after he was shot, striking Lowe multiple times. Additional officers responded after Holloway called for more crews and medics provided aid to Lowe, who was taken in critical condition to Miami Valley Hospital.

The officer-involved shooting started after Holloway responded around 6:45 p.m. to a fraud complaint at the Dollar General at 888 S. Gettysburg Ave.

A customer had paid for a purchase with a $100 bill that was believed to be counterfeit, according to a release from the Montgomery County Prosecutor’s Office.

Holloway’s investigation took him to the 600 block of Ingram Street. At 7:26 p.m. the officer approached Lowe — who Carper said matched the description of the suspect in the fraud complaint — in the back of 609 Ingram St.

Holloway’s bodycam video showed the officer try to speak to Lowe, who walked away. When the officer got closer, Lowe turned and punched Holloway in the face. The officer then used his Taser and Lowe fell to the ground. However, Carper said the stun gun had limited effect and the video showed that Lowe did not follow the officer’s commands to put his hands behind his back and to get onto his stomach.

The video also showed the moment Lowe reached into his pocket and pulled out a handgun and fired one round, which Carper said struck Holloway on the left side of his face.

“The officer fell to the ground and immediately returned fire with five rounds, striking the suspect multiple times. Despite his injuries, the officer was able to effectively request assistance for himself and the wounded suspect,” Carper said. “The officer also provided for the safety of witnesses and bystanders by directing them to a place of safety.”

Holloway received recognition Monday during the annual Montgomery County Law Enforcement Memorial Ceremony.

He attended the event that honors the 40 officers countywide who died in the line of duty, and received a round of applause and well wishes.

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