Investigation of shooting in Hamilton Walgreens parking lot ongoing

Police are continuing to investigate the shooting of a teen in the parking lot of a business at a Hamilton business that sits at a busy highway intersection.

A 17-year-old male from Cincinnati received a gunshot wound to the right hand during the incident that happened about 4:40 p.m. Jan. 27 outside Walgreens at 1090 High St., according to the Hamilton Police.

On Monday, police said there had been no arrests and the victim is uncooperative. The victim turned up at Kettering Health Hamilton (formerly Fort Hamilton Hospital) minutes after witnesses called to report the incident.

Three men called 911 and reported hearing a shot and seeing at least part of the the activity while in the parking lot.

“There was just shots fired here in the Walgreen parking lot,” a caller told dispatchers.

The man said he was looking out of his car’s back window to see what happened.

“There were two different cars,” he said. “There was a guy next to a car with an open door, then they took off.”

Another caller was able to give the dispatcher helpful information about the cars involved, noting they were heading downtown on High Street. He said they were speeding and passed him.

“It scared me,” said the man who was at the store picking up medication. “I heard pop. They had their scarves around their neck like a mask.”

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