Cincinnati CBP intercepts more than 140 pounds of meth in 5-gallon paint buckets

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers in Cincinnati intercepted narcotics smuggled in a large shipment of paint from Mexico on its way to Texas.

The shipment of acrylic waterproofing paint contained more than 140 pounds of liquid methamphetamine concealed within the paint, which had an estimated street value of nearly $1 million, according to the CBP.

Narcotic detector dog Betty was alerted to the shipment on Jan. 6 among incoming freight, which “appeared to have a white crystalized substance on the lids with an unusual consistency,” the CBP stated.

Meth is a Schedule II narcotic and is a synthetic stimulant that is highly addictive and very dangerous.

Cincinnati Port Director Richard Gillespie said the 5-gallon buckets loaded with meth are a prime example of a smuggler’s ingenuity.

“The Port of Cincinnati officers are sharp and quick thinkers, using excellent deductive reasoning skills. They make it their mission each day to discover narcotics attempting to be smuggled into the United States.”

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