Sunny today with Air Quality Alert in effect for some; Storms with possible tornado tomorrow

It will be hot and sunny today, though there will be more clouds as a week front pushes south into the area.

Highs will be around 91 degrees. Along with clouds, the National Weather Service in Wilmington predicted possible scattered showers and thunderstorms along and north of Interstate 70. The overnight low will be around 71 degrees.

An Air Quality Alert is in effect today in Butler and Warren counties, issued by the Southwest Ohio Air Quality Agency.

Children, seniors and people with respiratory diseases should limit prolonged or heavy exertion, and others should take more breaks and perform less strenuous tasks, the agencies said. People are asked to help reduce the amount of air pollution by avoiding or limiting driving, avoiding using gas-powered lawn equipment and refueling vehicles after 8 p.m.

Beginning just before dawn on Thursday, the NWS predicted a system of showers and thunderstorms will move into the area, for a chance of rain and storms throughout the day.

Storms will weaken enough to allow new thunderstorms to develop by early afternoon along I-70, which will spread south through the afternoon and evening.

During these storms, the NWS said there maybe damaging winds, and possibly even large hail or a tornado or two.

Rain and thunderstorm chances will decrease Thursday night as the cold front moves out of the area, leaving cooler and drier air behind.

Highs on Thursday will be around 91 degrees, with a heat index as high as 100 degrees. Overnight temperatures will drop to around 68 degrees.

On Friday, clouds will decrease again for mostly sunny skies and temperatures rising to a high around 81 degrees. Friday night will be partly cloudy, with a low around 59 degrees.

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