Despite some clouds, here’s how to find Mercury, Venus

DAYTON — Some lingering clouds may block the view for some Tuesday morning, but it is still worth it to head outside before dawn to see Mercury and Venus.

Sunrise in Dayton will be around 6:16 a.m. Tuesday. About an hour before, look to the east.

Right along the horizon you should easily find the waning crescent moon — the phase before a new moon. It will look like a thin sliver in the sky.

Above the moon you will see what looks like a bright star. That is actually the planet Venus which has been easy to spot all month. The harder planet to find is Mercury. Mercury will be to the bottom left of the moon, and will shine very close to the horizon.

These planets won't twinkle like a star does. If you have an unobstructed view of the horizon it will make it easier to see.

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