Attention berry lovers! Picking season ends soon so hurry to visit these 3 farms near Dayton

Is there anything better than a stroll through a strawberry field?

Strawberry picking season might be nearing its end. However, some local farms’ strawberries are just now approaching ripeness.

Before the season is over, check out these three farms near Dayton that are offering pick-your-own strawberries.

Did we miss your favorite farm that is still offering pick-your-own strawberries this summer? Let this reporter know at and we’ll be sure to add your spot to the list.

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Credit: Darci Jordan

Credit: Darci Jordan

🍓Fulton Farms

-Located at 2393 OH-202 in Troy

The Troy farm still has regular openings for customers to visit the farm for “u-pick” strawberries. The best way to stay up-to-date with when u-pick is available is by following the farm’s Facebook page at

After the pick-your-own strawberry season, Fulton is completely done with strawberry sales. If you missed this pick-your-own season at Fulton, don’t forget about them once corn season season rolls around. Fulton Farms also will offer pick your own tomatoes and peppers.

🍓Stokes Berry Farm

-Located at 2822 Center Road in Wilmington

“Strawberries should be ripe around the first or second week of June,” said a spokesperson for Stokes Berry Farm. “The berries look great, but need some more hot sunny days to ripen. We plan to have both pick your own and picked fruit available. Raspberries are typically ready about the third week of June. Frozen raspberries and freeze dried powder are both available.”

All predictions about the readiness of Stoke’s — and other local farms’ — produce are subject to change based on weather conditions.

“The 2021 strawberry crop is abundant and almost ripe. These cool, rainy days and nights have paused the ripening process for a few days,” the farm said on its Facebook page on May 29.

Once sunny, warm weather returns, Stokes said it will open for pick-your-own with “unlimited berries for everyone.” Stokes will not be taking any orders for picked berries until they know they have ripe berries ready to go.

There are no tickets required or entrance fees to pick at Stokes Berry Farm.

🍓Irons Fruit Farm

-Located at 1640 Stubbs-Mill Rd., Lebanon

The fourth generation family farm situated halfway between Dayton and Cincinnati is offering “u-pick” strawberries now. A spokesperson said there is no set schedule, and the farm is not sure how much longer the picking season will last— possibly one more week, or “two at the most.”

The best way for customers to stay up-to-date with Irons Fruit Farm’s picking schedule is by following their Facebook page at where they post updates daily. The farm’s picking schedule is always adjusting based on how busy the farm gets and on weather conditions.

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