If you plan to attend a Middletown school board meeting, check the address first

The governing board of Middletown Schools has moved its meetings from the aging city building to the district’s newly renovated high school.

The Middletown Board of Education meeting two weeks ago was the first to be held in the Community Room, which connects Middletown High School to the Wade E. Miller Arena.

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The high school underwent millions of dollars in renovation and expansion in the last two years, opening along with a new, adjacent Middletown Middle School in September as part of a $86 million construction project in the the Butler County city school system.

“This will be our primary home,” said Middletown Schools Treasurer Randy Betram.

In recent years the board has held most of its public meetings in the city council chambers of the city hall building at 1 Donham Plaza in downtown Middletown.

The district’s central office is located on the top floor of the city building, which is more than 40 years old and in need of repairs, according to city officials.

But Betram said “there are no issues with the city chambers.”

“This is just a great space with easy access and easy parking,” he said.

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The high school’s community room space was designed to better accommodate the public on a school campus through meetings and events.

Brightly lit, featuring movable seating and decorated in Middletown Middie purple, the space offers more flexibility than the theater-in-the-round city chambers room, which has stationary, pew-like seating.

Chris Urso, president of the school board, said “we like this much better.”

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