With a little help, Hamilton couple salvages wedding after devastating fire

Credit: Emily Hopton

Credit: Emily Hopton

A Butler County Ohio couple was able to salvage their wedding thanks to the generosity of others, after the Hanover Reserve wedding center was damaged by fire.

Butler County fire investigators haven’t concluded their investigation into the fire at the Hanover Reserve wedding and event center near Hamilton earlier this month.

The fire in the nearly new $3 million facility left dozens of brides and grooms scrambling to find new venues since it was booked into next spring. But at least once local couple was able to salvage their wedding which was scheduled five days after the fire — and the bride is thanking all the people who helped her salvage her wedding.

Hamilton health club manager Emily Hopton was scheduled to have her wedding at Hanover Reserve, and was left without a venue for the wedding of the rehearsal.

“I am panicking every second,” she said at the time.

Just days before her wedding to fiance Jaron Weaver, she had no place to hold the reception. The caterer, DJ and photographer were all ready, and many of the 150 guests had reservations at nearby hotels. It was too late to postpone it.

Middletown farm saves the day

But an amazing thing happened after our report on the fire.

“People were calling and offering to help,” Hopton said.

Among those offering a free alternate location was a farm in Middletown called Horse Power Farm, which has a large, spotless barn usually used for car shows and community events.

“She said we have a venue for you,” Hopton said of the woman who called. “So I immediately went running upstairs, and said ‘Jaron we have to go right now’!”

Horse Power Farm was a perfect last minute replacement, and Hopton said the wedding and reception was nearly perfect.

She wanted to thank the owners and everyone else who offered to help.

“I cannot thank them enough for the help they gave,” she said. " They made it super easy, helped us get Mission Barbecue to host our rehearsal dinner, and they made it a breeze. I cannot thank them enough.”

We have contacted the owners of the burned out Hanover Reserve event center for any update, but have not heard back.

Their Facebook page tells couples to contact them about refunds.

The Pinball Garage in Hamilton has been coordinating all the offers of assistance from other centers and wedding vendors.

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