Where can you buy food produced at 80 Acres Hamilton indoor farm?

80 Acres, the cutting-edge Hamilton-based indoor-farming company, notes its products ae “100 percent pesticide and residue free,” much fresher than products from far away because they were grown locally, sells its products at a growing list of stores and restaurants in the region.

Company CEO and co-founder Mike Zelkind last month, at the grand opening of the company’s $30-million-plus, 62,000-square-foot building, said his farm was setting a new standard for food quality, “way beyond the organic, which was the best until today.”

But where can you buy it and check it out for yourself?

Here are some of the local ones:

  • Kroger Kyle Station (5250 Newtown Drive, Liberty Township);
  • Kroger West Chester (8000 Princeton Glendale Road);
  • Kroger Liberty Township (7300 Yankee Road);
  • Tano Bistro, downtown Hamilton;
  • The Coach House restaurant, 100 Berkeley Drive, Hamilton;
  • MOON Co-Op, Oxford;
  • Jungle Jim’s International Market, Fairfield;
  • Kroger West Chester Plaza, (7855 Tylersville Road);
  • S.W. Clyborne Co. Provision & Spirits, Mason;
  • Kroger Kings Mill, Mason;
  • Kroger in Mason (5100 Terra Firma Drive);
  • Whole Foods, Mason;
  • Kroger in Landen;
  • Kroger at Harper’s Point;
  • Dorothy Lane Market in Springboro.

Someday soon, the Hamilton complex, which will be a prototype for similar indoor farms across the globe, also will grow more than the leafy greens and lettuces being harvested now.

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The same facility also will be able to grow other crops, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers, and berries. The techniques for growing the optimal strawberries are being tweaked currently at an 80 Acres indoor farm in Arkansas.

“Their R&D specialists and crop specialists that understand the crop genes are making sure that we’re choosing the right varieties and making the conditions right for great-tasting food,” and once they figure that out, it moves to Hamilton,” said company spokeswoman Rebecca Haders. “It will be coming here shortly in a small way.”

“It takes steps to get it to where it needs to be to really commercialize and sell it to a lot of retailers,” she added, “But we’re super excited about berries.”

Credit: Nick Graham

Credit: Nick Graham

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