West Chester woman reports being raped with toddler in the home

West Chester Twp. police are searching for a suspect who allegedly broke into a West Chester Twp. apartment last weekend and raped a woman while her 19-month-old son was in the residence.

The alleged incident happened just after midnight Saturday morning in a first floor apartment on Princeton Square Circle. The intruder entered through an unlocked window and punched the woman, according township spokeswoman Barb Wilson. The police report indicates the unknown person “engaged in sexual conduct” with her.

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A Spanish translation service was used for the 911 call that was made by the woman’s husband.

“My wife told me this person tries to rape her,” the translator says on the call.

Wilson said the man is unknown to the woman and her infant was in the apartment at the time of the attack.

“It is extremely rare for there to be a rape in West Chester in which the offender is not in some way known to the victim,” Wilson said.

Police are still investigating.

“There is a bit of a language barrier in this case. West Chester Police investigators continue to work with the victim to learn more about the offender,” Wilson said. “When there is more information/description available to release to the public that may help in the investigation, we will release that information.”

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