West Chester Twp. administrator resigns

West Chester Twp. Administrator Judi Boyko has announced her resignation from West Chester to accept a new position as Hamilton County assistant administrator.

“It has been my greatest professional joy and privilege to work for West Chester Twp. as a member of an extraordinary team of elected officials, stakeholders including residents, developers, corporate citizens, volunteers and others; and West Chester employees who daily devote their time and talents to the community,” Boyko said in a statement.

Boyko has been the administrator since 2005 and also served as the assistant administrator, planning and zoning director and township planner.

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Trustee Board President Mark Welch told the Journal-News Boyko told them months ago she was applying for the Hamilton County job and while he is happy for her, finding her replacement will be a “challenge.”

“She is a highly motivated person and I don’t think she was unhappy at all at the township, I just think this is something she wanted to do as a next step in her career,” Welch said. “She set a high bar, she is the only administrator I’ve every known because I’ve only been a trustee three-and-a-half years, but I recognize talent and an outstanding work ethic.”

During Boyko’s tenure, West Chester was named five times to CNN/Money Magazine’s list of America’s Best 100 Places to Live. The Square, the Midpointe Library, Beckett Park, fire headquarters and Station 71, as well as countless infrastructure projects were completed while she was at the helm.

Trustee Lee Wong also said they have big shoes to fill because Boyko has set the bar so high. He said whomever is selected to replace her must be an outstanding leader. Boyko’s departure wasn’t a big surprise to him.

“I know nothing lasts forever, she is good and she is highly valued,” he said. “Judy is a very high caliber person and West Chester is definitely a good training ground for any high positions, because we are a fast growing community and this place will give you a lot of professional experience. Judy is a very professional, highly motivated, high caliber and she’s moving on upwards.”

Her last day in West Chester will be Aug. 1. Boyko will be working until then with the trustees to identify and appoint an interim administrator. A more comprehensive search will follow. Welch said he is not sure what that search will look like yet.

“We do have some people kind of in the region whose names we’ve talked a little bit about,” Welch said. “If that doesn’t work I would think we do at least a regional search.”

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Trustee George Lang echoed his fellow trustees praise of their soon to be former administrator.

“What a huge victory this is for Hamilton County. Judi is an amazing talent who I have come to value over the years,” said Lang said. “As an administrator, I have a big respect for her ability to get things done; as a person I have developed a deep affinity for the being that she is. Over the last decade, Judi has become the heart and soul of our community and under her leadership West Chester has flourished. Her impact on West Chester will still be felt 100 years from now. She will be missed immensely. The biggest winners today are the businesses and residents of Hamilton County.”

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