Warren County Drug Task Force growing, adds Carlisle

Carlisle has formalized its membership with the Greater Warren County Drug Task Force.

Village Council on April 15 approved the contract to become a member of the policy board which governs the Drug Task Force.

In the past, the village has contributed funding to support the multi-jurisdictional organization, which is financed through federal and state grants as well as local government financial contributions. Some police departments may make their contribution by assigning a full-time officer to the drug task force.

Village Manager Julie Duffy said the village has contributed to the organization since 2017 an amount that equals $1 per resident based on the last Census or $4,710. Duffy said the village has made contributions to the drug task force as they were able to financially. Police Chief Will Rogers said the village budgeted $5,000 for its contribution for 2020.

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Rogers said it’s important that the village is a member of the drug task force policy board because drug problems migrate to different locations because those offenders tend to be nomadic.

Both Duffy and Rogers said that the village does not have the staffing to assign an officer there full-time.

“It’s important that all Warren County agencies participate in the drug task force because it provides better resources over a wider range,” Rogers said. “The Drug Task Force is a good idea because it brings local, state and federal resources together and works well as a group.”

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The Warren County Drug Task Force is a High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area initiative and multi-jurisdictional unit specializing in the investigation of drug trafficking, prescription drug diversion, money laundering and other drug related crimes. The task force provides a variety of services to Warren County and other jurisdictions throughout southwest Ohio, according to its website.

The Drug Task Force’s mission is to conduct a coordinated strategy to significantly reduce drug trafficking and related criminal offenses that impact our jurisdiction. The collaboration of local, state and federal law enforcement agencies through the HIDTA program create a better coordinated effort to address all levels of drug trafficking and abuse with a concentrated effort toward mid to upper level offenders, according to the website.

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Carlisle council also took the following action:

  • Approved the dedication of a new village park at 265 Baker Lane and named it "Bakersfield Park.
  • Approved the final plat of the Waterbury subdivision.
  • Approved the 2021 street lighting assessments.

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