Volunteers repair Middletown homes as part of week-long blitz

Mary Watson wipes a tear from her face as she talks about the volunteers who helped paint her house this week.

“Inside it just means so much to me. It was impossible for me to do anything and the miracle came and I’m very, very touched by it. Thank you kids, thank you leaders, thank you God,” Watson said.

Each summer, local volunteers make repairs to homes during Move Out week in Middletown.

More than 100 youth and adult volunteers from Breiel Boulevard Church of God have teamed up with Supports to Encourage Low Income Families (SELF) to help repair homes of those in need in the community during the week-long home repair blitz. Repairs range from painting and landscaping to fixing roofs and building barns.

“ Our home had become aged and deteriorated. The paint looked horrible. It was really embarrassing,” Watson said, adding she was shocked when SELF told her she had qualified for the Move Out program.

“When they said, ‘I think that we can help you this summer,’ I was like, really, are you sure?” she said.

Daisy Ray, 16, was part of the Move Out group in Middletown this week.

“It means a lot to us and the people receiving help,” she said. “They do appreciate it a lot and we just love to help them and everybody has a great time together.”

Parker McMurry, 16, is a first-year volunteer with the program.

“It’s been a crazy experience,” he said. “It’s just been great to see a smile on the homeowner’s face as we have transformed their house.”

He said he recommends people volunteering to help with the effort.

“Even if you are not religious, just doing it is so uplifting. It helps you by helping someone else,” McMurry said.

Watson agreed.

“These children have learned a wonderful life lesson,” she said.

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