This West Chester auto repair business owner will inspire you with his community service

Doug Beachy said he entered the auto repair world not just to make money, but to make a difference.

He became owner of Christian Brothers Automotive at 8127 Highland Pointe Drive in West Chester Twp. last year and launched into philanthropic initiatives locally after doing so via a Loveland location he opened in 2015.

Beachy sent out approximately 10,000 mailers to its customers to raise funds for Reach Out Lakota. The $15-for-$30 deal encourages customers to donate $15 to Reach Out Lakota and get $30 off their automotive bill.

“If someone donated $5, we’d take $10 off,” Beachy said. “We just doubled their donation off the bill. It was just kind of a … ‘As a community, let’s rally around Reach Out Lakota’ (event).”

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He said Christian Brothers Automotive duplicated the effort later at both locations to help Cancer Free Kids.

For another community service campaign, Beachy’s garages partnered with The Healing Center, a ministry of Vineyard Cincinnati Church, and The Care Center, which is affiliated with Northstar Community Church in Loveland, to give away 78 free oil changes for their guests, he said.

“I donated the parts and my guys donated the labor and we fixed a bunch of cars,” Beachy said. “If we weren’t able to fix them that day, we fixed them over the next week or so.”

That totaled as much as $12,000 given away, including approximately $4,000 in parts and the remainder in labor.

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Founded in 1982, Christian Brothers Automotive has more than 190 locations in 25 states. Beachy said he has a career “in corporate America” but decided, along with his wife, Jaime, to open Christian Brothers Automotive locations “to get involved and support the local community.”

“That’s been what we’ve been doing for four years now out in Loveland and just shy of one year here in West Chester, but it drives what we do,” he said. “We’re in business not just to make money, but we’re in the business to bless the communities that we serve and we truly believe in serving people, and that includes getting involved and serving the community, as well.”

Beachy said he is working to find more good causes to help.

“If there’s an organization that wants to work with us, local to the West Chester area, I’m the guy,” he said. “If they come talk to me, we’ll see what makes sense.”

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