Third + Dayton building adds another floor of apartments in Hamilton

Credit: Steve Gifford

Credit: Steve Gifford

The company that owns the former Ohio Casualty building, now called Third + Dayton, is leasing 28 apartments on the 8th floor, the building’s top level.

“The views from up there are incredible,” said Justin Lichter, vice president of Los Angeles-based IRG (Industrial Realty Group LLC), which owns the building and another across the street at 131 N. Third St. “All the apartments are nice, and brand new. We’re excited to get more activity.”

The apartments include four two-bedroom units and 24 single-bedroom ones.

Credit: Steve Gifford

Credit: Steve Gifford

“We have a bunch of them pre-leased, but there are still opportunities,” he said.

The apartments range from about 550 to 1,400 square feet. They range from about $700 to $1,200 per month, including utilities.

That will make three levels of the eight stories with residents in them. The sixth floor, which has 24 market-rate apartments, is fully leased. The seventh floor is fully leased to international students participating in an English-improvement program at Miami University’s Hamilton campus.

Renters from the general public “a big variety of residents, from some retirees to millennials with their first jobs looking to move into a smaller downtown area, a walkable downtown, to some students at Miami (Hamilton), because we have a bus stop right in front of the building,” Lichter said.

“It’s been pretty amazing, the wide variety of people. We’re getting some activity and interest in retail spaces on the ground floor, on Third Street. We’re excited to kick that off.”

Credit: Steve Gifford

Credit: Steve Gifford

There are six or seven street-level suites that can be built out for quick-serve restaurants, sit-down restaurants or retail.

City Manager Joshua Smith a few years ago urged IRG to work harder to redevelop the building that once housed more than 1,000 insurance employees but went dormant in 2010.

“The City is thrilled IRG has made a significant investment into the former Ohio Casualty complex, as they prepare to activate another floor,” Smith said. “Their complex comprises over 500,000 square feet, and to see that space reactivated after sitting dormant for a decade is important.”

“Specifically, the small businesses downtown need daily foot traffic to succeed, and IRG’s new residential will assist tremendously,” Smith added. “In addition, the proximity to German Village will be a boost to their business district as they attract new businesses.”

Suddenly, a number of apartments have been developed in Hamilton’s downtown and Main Street areas, after years of none being added. Another 102 apartments opened at The Marcum complex in early 2019, and the developer of that is planning to add about 70 more on Main Street.

People interested in leasing apartments or retail spaces can visit

If demand continues for apartments, IRG will likely continue building out more apartments on lower floors.

Meanwhile, across the street at 131 N. Third St., at the other building the company owns, “we’re working with a prospective tenant,” and are separating the utilities from the main former Ohio Casualty building.

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