There’s a New Perk for Costco Members

If you're a Costco member, there is a new benefit that could make a major difference in your online shopping experience. It's called Costco Next, a new program that the wholesale club just launched.

Costco is one of money expert Clark Howard's favorite stores because of the savings you can get when you shop there. With Costco Next, you can get even more deals.

Costco Next: Everything You Need To Know

I’m a Costco member, so I logged in to my account and tested out Costco Next to see what it’s all about.

In this article, I’ll share what you need to know about Costco Next and what it offers.

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What Is Costco Next?

Costco Next is an online buying program that features products from what the retailer says are its most trusted suppliers. The items have all been chosen by the store’s buyers.

The wholesale club promises customers that Costco Next will always include sellers known for product quality and customer service.

How Does Costco Next Work?

While you will start your shopping journey on, with Costco Next, you’ll actually buy the products through the suppliers’ websites.

To shop with Costco Next, here are the steps you need to take:

  • Select a supplier from the Costco Next page, and a form will come up where you'll be asked to input your name and Costco membership number.
  • Select the "Visit Supplier" button.
  • You'll be taken directly to the supplier's website, where you can shop for items.

Of course, you’ll be able to get exclusive Costco member pricing on all items.

As for shipping, customer service and returns, the supplier — not Costco — will handle all of it.

Who Can Use Costco Next?

Costco Next is available only to Costco members. To take advantage of Costco Next, non-members would need to sign up for a membership. The basic "Gold Star" membership is $60 per year.

According to, "This unique shopping experience allows our members to explore the full line of products offered by our suppliers, while still enjoying exclusive Costco pricing."

What Brands Are Available With Costco Next?

As of its launch in December 2021, the following brands are available with Costco Next:

Can You Really Find Deals?

I went shopping for some mobile phone chargers on and clicked on the Anker brand.

After some comparison shopping, I found the 36-watt Anker charger for $27.99 on Walmart and Amazon. On Costco Next, that same Anker charger was $25.99.

But there is another potential discount available. Once you spend $50, you get 20% off the total order. So I added another item that I needed, and that took me over the necessary threshold. The member discount is shown at checkout (see screenshot below).

Final Thoughts

Costco Next can be a great way to save on items that you want to buy.  Remember, you still need to compare prices on other sites, but what you’ll find at Costco Next may be hard to beat.

Note that the items purchased via Costco Next don’t qualify for the store’s Executive Benefits. That includes the 2% reward exclusive to Executive members.

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