Tax calculator helps Butler County homeowners see what levies may cost them

Butler County residents who would like to see how much a potential tax levy will cost them as a homeowner may use an online tax calculator provided by the auditor’s office.

The tool on the Butler County auditor’s website aims to provide an estimate, which can help voters decide which tax levies they may wish to approve or deny when the vote in November.

“We are all familiar with seeing levy information described based on a $100,000 property,” said Butler County Auditor Roger Reynolds. “By using the calculator, those voters who are homeowners can see specifically the financial impact a levy will have on their taxes — whether they own a $75,000 home or a $775,000 home.”

The tax calculator lists levy information on the profile page of each parcel or address of homeowners. The auditor’s office noted that some homeowners may have two or three separate parcels affiliated with their property, so to get an accurate levy figure, calculator users will need to add up the total from each parcel.

“For those with a property in a Residential Incentive District (RID), there is a total value that can be found on the profile page. This combined value includes the special assessment portion of the RID, and is included in the total levy estimates,” the auditor’s officer said.

The auditor’s website address is

The entire county will vote on a Butler County Children’s Services levy, which is a 2.0-mill renewal.

“Other levies are on the ballot in Hanover Township, Madison Township, Milford Township, Morgan Township, Village of New Miami (2), Reily Township, Ross Local School District, St. Clair Township, Talawanda City School District, Village of Millville and Village of Seven Mile,” the auditor’s office said.

“Of the 13 levies, six are seeking new or additional revenue. Those levy types are termed Additional, Replace with an increase, and, in the case of Seven Mile, Replacement. The current 3-mill levy in Seven Mile has an effective rate of about 2.46 mills. The replacement levy would collect a full 3-mills again.”


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