Harambe Cheeto sparks bidding war that reaches almost $100K on eBay

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

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Someone paid $99,900 on EBay for a Harambe-shaped Cheeto.

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

If you thought media coverage of Harambe the gorilla died with the primate, think again.

Harambe is making headlines again. Our news partner WCPO in Cincinnati reports a Cheeto shaped like the gorilla was auctioned and sold on eBay for $99,900 on Tuesday.

"I opened up a bag of Flamin' Hot Cheetos and as soon as I looked inside I came across this unique Cheetos that looks like Harambe the gorilla," eBay user valuestampsinc posted Jan. 28 alongside a photo comparing the snack to the primate. "This item is one of a kind!"


The seller said he found the cheese snack in a bag of Flamin' Hot Cheetos. Bidding began at $11.99 on Jan. 28. It ended early Tuesday morning with a winning bid of $99,900. The listing showed a picture of the Cheeto side-by-side with a gorilla climbing a tree.

WCPO reported many of the highest bids for the Cheeto have been canceled, indicating that the buyers volunteering tens of thousands for the Cheeto probably aren't serious about paying for it.

If you missed the chance to bid on the Cheeto, don't worry. Similar auctions have sprung up on eBay.  One "rare and one of a kind" Harambe Cheeto auction scheduled to end at 11:27 p.m. Feb. 7 has reached $20,000.

Harambe became the center of internet fodder after his death last May. He was shot by handlers at the Cincinnati Zoo after dragging a small boy who had gotten into his enclosure.

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