Social media reacts: Butler County commissioners vote against proposed $353M development in Ross

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Credit: Submitted

The Butler County commissioners received a round of applause Monday morning after they unanimously voted against creating a community authority for a proposed $353 million mega development in Ross Twp.

Commissioner Don Dixon has expressed strong opposition to the project and his fellow commissioners agreed after an impromptu vote on the matter. Residents packed the commission chamber to voice their deep concerns about the project.

Residents reacted strongly on social media, many expressing relief that the township would not be developed.

Readers responded with over 100 comments on social media. Here are some of the responses we received:

Paying for the infrastructure should fall on the developer! It’s part of... wait for it... developing! If you can’t pay to develop the infrastructure, then it’s simple- you don’t develop the land! This is NOT the responsibility of the Ross residents to fund!” - Danielle Bowling McMickle

Good. We need some open country in butler county.” - Terri Davis

Politicians who care about the inhabitants over money? Rare breed these days. Excellent!” - Tim Kendrick

Don’t need another West Chester. Go there.” - Nancy Bedinghaus

Adding a huge housing division, apartments and other shops right in the middle of Ross would completely change the town. Nobody and I mean NOBODY in Ross wants this. Towns like Ross are becoming harder and harder to find, leave this great town alone!” - Brian Harty

Pretty crazy to see how many ppl have the “stay out of my town” mentality.” - Mike Barker

They did a good thing if others would follow suit.” - Laura Stephens

I’m glad. I love to drive by through there. It is so beautiful.” - Tommye Valando

Not interested in more development. Need a plan to buy the land and preserve its current use, like a land trust.” - Todd Clark

Business development is a horrible thing. Good for butler county. Maybe the developers should come over to warren county where we like business and tax dollars.” - Kyle Andrew Gray

You shouldn’t applaud the commissioners…the only reason they said no was because they couldn’t figure out a way to make money for themselves off of it. You better believe the next plan that comes through will have all kinds of kickbacks to the commissioners and it will pass unanimously!!!!” - Michael Kammer

Developers can take their money elsewhere. The Ross community does not want to be West Chester. #KeepRossRural” - Holly Fritz

Keep our rural areas rural. We move there so we do not have to deal with neighbors, noise and light pollution.” - Matt Justice

Thank you Butler County Commissioners for stopping this mega development. They also did a great job when they denied Land Of Illusion expansion in Madison Township. We need to keep our agriculture land in Butler County.” - Matt Richardson

Awesome sauce, urban sprawl get outta here.” - Scott Prather

The Butler County commissioners received a round of applause after they voted against a proposed $353 million mega development in Ross Twp.

Posted by Journal-News on Monday, December 13, 2021

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