Skidaddles daycare in Warren County expands with room for younger children

A Mason child care facility has expanded to add a new room for babies age 1 year and above.

Skidaddles in Mason completed the expansion to coincide with the 15th anniversary of the business.

“This is a direct result of parents across the area embracing our grow and learn approach, and asking us to start their little ones earlier in our popular programming,” said Skidaddles Founder Tiffany Lewis. “Once they enroll their children, parents love our continuum of care. They essentially feel like they are part of one big family.”

Lewis aid she was a mom in need of flexible childcare and she launched it herself after not finding it.

“We started with a center in Florence, Ky. and soon opened a second location in Mason,” she said.

Lewis said she grew Skidaddles to debut other reimagined concepts such as a pre-school, after school care, Friday and Saturday evening child care for parents’ date nights and summer camp.

Parents who have hybrid workstyles often take advantage of Skidaddles.

“This new way of working has increased the call for franchising,” states a news release from Skidaddles, which “offers a turnkey operation to franchisees including everything from selecting sites and furniture to creating job descriptions and communications materials.”

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What: Skidaddles Child Care

Where: 5939 Deerfield Blvd., Mason

Contact: (859) 250-5402

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