Sinclair College ranks among best online programs in the nation

Sinclair College ranked top among the best U.S. online programs in a recent study, according to a release.

Sinclair was ranked 12 out of 60 of the best online community college programs nation-wide.’s study ranked programs based on the strength of the program, online readiness, return on investment, cost and student engagement. Colleges with more experience and success teaching classes online scored higher.

Online programs at Sinclair have experienced high enrollment over the past few years. Students can choose from over 300 different academic programs.

“Sinclair works hard every day to serve everyone who comes to us,” said Sinclair College president Steve Johnson. “Our students come from varied and diverse backgrounds, and we are pleased to be at the forefront of providing the region with increasing opportunities for a solid college education and pathways to meaningful careers. We are committed to meeting the growing needs of our region and will continue to find ways to creatively and effectively serve our diverse student population.”

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Sinclair offers multiple pathways for online classes to ensure flexibility. Their programs include full semester, eight-week accelerated semester classes and FlexPace, which allows students to enroll and finish courses at their own pace and on a schedule of their choosing.

“Flexpace is our most personalized set of programs at Sinclair,” said Christi Amato, dean of eLearning at Sinclair. “Our programs are unique because we work hard to use the best technology to meet students where they are while providing the same affordability and quality our community expects of Sinclair. We also build our programs to offer students embedded certificates while they study for degrees. This means students can gain employable skills and graduate with certificates, some as short as one semester, while also still working toward an associate degree.”

Nearly half of Sinclair’s students take some form of online learning through Sinclair. Joeseph Delaria, a student enrolled in Sinclair’s Retail Management FlexPace program, said he was hesitant to start any schooling since it had been over 10 years since he had graduated from high school, but FlexPace has been helpful for him.

“The option to take FlexPace classes has been fantastic. I currently work a 50-hour work week, and the flexibility that it has given me in managing my schedule has been extremely valuable and helpful for me,” Delaria said.

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