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Sheriff: I don’t expect to hear from Mexico soon

Jones recently inserted his own, controversial musings into the growing national debate over immigration laws and how to house children who have traveled to the U.S. illegally. Jones has made a handful of appearances on conservative radio and TV shows, including Fox & Friends, this week to talk about his views on immigration.

Jones, a Republican who’s lobbied to lawmakers for more secure borders and stiffer immigration laws, sent his second letter Tuesday to Mexico President Enrique Pena Nieto. In the note, the sheriff asked for a $900,000 payment to make up for the estimated 3,000 Mexican nationals housed in the Butler County Jail during the last decade.

Jones told Fox News talk show host Neil Cavuto Wednesday that he hasn’t received any formal response from the Mexican government since mailing the letter.

“I don’t expect to hear anything right away,” Jones told Cavuto. “But, it brings it to the attention of everybody.”

Jones’ comments have drawn both support and opposition from Journal-News readers in recent days. Some have thanked the sheriff for bringing attention to the issue while others have accused the sheriff of sounding xenophobic.

Jones sent a similar letter to Mexico’s president in 2007, billing the foreign government $61,000 for the time and money spent on a drug bust involving what he suspected was marijuana from Mexico.

Jones told Cavuto Wednesday the U.S. Department of State said he violated a treaty between Mexico and the U.S. when he contacted the Mexican government in his 2007 letter.